Called to Care

Brian Riedel, CSWGS

I believe that care – whether the act of providing care or the simpler act of giving a damn – is at its best an act of unconditional love. This last October, news from two fronts, the Vatican and Austin, provided a study in contrast that shows exactly what I mean. Read more.

When Care is Violence

Virginia Thomas, CSWGS Postdoctoral Fellow

The dedication to Martha Stewart’s manual, Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook, reads, “To all mothers and daughters and fathers and sons who have a room, an apartment, or a home to care for.” The manual is 500+ pages-worth of tedious instructions on everything from how to…read more.

Second Shift

Helena Michie, CSWGS Director

A woman comes home after a long day of work. This is a sentence that could be written any time, but let us say It is January of 2021, which means that outside her house—but not yet inside it—the pandemic is raging. If she is coming home after her work, she is likely to…read more.