In this Rice Feminist Forum, we invite submissions around the topic of “hearing” as the Center sponsors a year-long program on the theme of “Understanding #MeToo,” leading up to a visit to Rice by Anita Hill.

Borders and Boundaries

Over the past month, borders and boundaries have been very much in the news.  We welcome essays on inclusion and exclusion more generally, on bodily rights and limits, on assaults, attacks, and protections. Contributors might also like to  think of the political boundaries between people and the issue of consensus, alliance, and division.


Chosen before the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election, this collection of essays explores what it means to be “presidential.”


The current election has made made painfully visible the issue of sexual assault: the candidates, right and left-leaning media, and literally millions of people on social media have argued over issues of sexual assault.


This topic was inspired by conversations surrounding gender at the recent Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

The Woman Card

Trump accuses Clinton of “playing the woman card.” She says “deal me in.” What does it mean to play the woman card?