Aftermath– or, Plumbing

Helena Michie, CSWGS Director

The winter storm is gone, the plumbers are here in their trucks each with a ladder on top. Some of the trucks are marked and some are not; some of these plumbers have licenses and some do not. We are warned by TV anchors to “do research” and make sure that the person who is standing in our flooded driveways saying…read more.


Cecelia Ottenweller

Daddy’s face peers at me through the yellowing plastic covering his 1968 U.S. Armed Forces ID card. A father twice over when the picture was taken, I see in his serious, intelligent eyes a resolve to meet the challenges of the mid-century American fairy tale of maleness and fatherhood as a benevolent overlord…read more.


Brian Riedel, CSWGS

The analogy between our current moment and the historical period of Reconstruction tempts me, even as my colleagues in history appropriately remind me that such analogies are always limited, if not tortured.  Still, these first 100 days of the Biden administration seem suffused with similarities to that historical period.  Both feature intentional calls for unity…read more.


Virginia Thomas, CSWGS Postdoctoral Fellow

As a scholar of the history and aesthetics of lynching, I find Reconstruction and particularly its aftermath of vital interest and importance in setting the stage for the transformation of white supremacist terror under slavery into Jane and Jim Crow terror… read more.