The Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (CSWGS) at Rice University is pleased to invite contributions to the Rice Feminist Forum.  Now more than ever feminist voices are needed to address the issues of our day.  Several times a year, we will post a prompt for a different topic and ask for contributions from Center faculty affiliates, graduate certificate students, undergraduate majors, Advisory Board members, and the broader CSWGS community.

Our current topic is: RECONSTRUCTION.

This moment in US history has been compared to Reconstruction, as the President reverses the executive orders of his predecessor and embraces the rhetoric of unity and healing.  Democrats and Republicans struggle, both with the other party and internally, over what it means to be accountable, and what it might mean to “move on.”  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has compared calls to move on with demands by sexual and other abusers to “get over it.”  While some have called for traditional forms of justice that use the existing court systems, others call instead for restorative or reparative justice—both concepts that are themselves debated.

So what does it mean for a person or a country to heal?  How does reconstruction apply to communities, to families, to global relationships?  How does the history of racial division that led to Reconstruction as a period and a process figure into our current ambitions to heal and be healed?

We invite formal or informal essays of approximately 800 to 1000 words.  Please include a title for your piece and a public domain or creative commons image that could accompany your text.  We hope to get contributions both from the CSWGS community and beyond.  Please send all submissions to  One of our editors will contact you within two working days.  We will post all submissions our moderators deem on topic and appropriate for our audience.  We accept submissions on a rolling basis, and will post submissions in groups as they are edited and approved.