The Woman Card

Excuses, Apologies, Silences and . . . Whither the Category of “Woman”?

Dr. Krista Comer

The best speech of Clinton’s 2012 run for President came as she conceded defeat. It was “the best” in part because…read more

The Problem of Being a Familiar Problem

Dr. Lora Wildenthal

News is novel. But hearing about women’s inequality to men isn’t new. So every time it appears as “news,” it’s hard…read more

Collaborating with the Dead

Dr. Rosemary Hennessy

It has by now been widely acknowledged that in the 21st century the goals of feminism as a social movement have more

The Woman in the A-Line Dress

Dr. Helena Michie

I am fascinated by the card itself. Clinton has turned Trump’s disparaging and silencing comments into a trump card…read more

 The Campaign as Opportunity for Public Feminism

Dr. Susan Lurie

Trump circulates the phrase, “playing the woman card,” as a derogatory epithet, meaning Hillary appeals only to one…read more