Dear Mr. President

Baird Campbell, Anthropology

I have struggled with this prompt for months now. When we originally decided on “Presidential” for the next RFF prompt, I still found it inconceivable that I would find myself writing on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Perhaps ironically…read more

Are We Living in a Post Democracy World?

Patricia Gras, Journalist

On January 20th the United States enters a period of uncertainty with the new President elect Donald Trump. His erratic behavior in the past has caused genuine concern for some and given hope to others…read more

At the Limits of Fitness and Suitability

Helena Zeweri, Anthropology

Who gets to embody the unspoken ideal of presidential stamina? How does gender play into norms concerning the presidential body? How these norms get applied reveals the very particular ways we imagine who, in fact, embodies…read more