Borders and Boundaries

Hysterical Domesticity

Dr. Helena Michie, English

When Martha Stewart went to prison, I rearranged my napkin drawer by color. It was– sort of– a gesture of solidarity for a woman who went to prison for something that a lot of men have done and remained free. While somewhat embarrassed both at the idea of standing behind such a woman, and at the pleasures…read more

Policing the Boundaries of Historical Time

Helena Zeweri, Anthropology

When I first read the prompt which asks contributors to reflect on inclusion and exclusion, on “bodily rights and limits…assaults, attacks, and protections,” I immediately thought I would write about the latest iteration of Trump’s travel ban as an example of the global tightening of national borders and the unapologetic…read more

Women Overcoming the Boundaries: Hildegard of Bingen’s Mystical Representation of the Porous Womb

Minji Lee, Department of Religion

In many cultures, women were often located in a liminal states of humanness. Women were human beings but they were understood as an inferior version of men. Medieval Western culture understood women as better than animals and as less than men,.. The 12th -century visionary, Hildegard of Bingen, represented women as crossing and even overcoming boundaries…read more