No Longer at Ease

I knew the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were going to end with all of us disappointed. I knew he would be appointed the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States; an action that would not only impact the Court for decades to come but also…(read more).

Hear (Her) Hear Her

Dr. Jacqueline Couti, Classical and European Studies

The #MeToo campaign has resonated with many women as it has spread on social media worldwide. Yet its dissemination involved intriguing transformations, including the erasure of black women’s voices. Who remembers that Tarana Burke started this movement in 2007? In France, #MeToo has morphed into #BalanceTonPorc (squeal on your pig), a viral campaign focused on accountability and retribution by …(read more).

What the Republicans Missed in the Recent Hearing

Leonard A. Zwelling, MD, MBA, Partner of the Center

Much has been made of the similarities and differences between the hearings that involved Anita Hill when Clarence Thomas was being considered for a place on the Supreme Court and those involving Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when Brett Kavanaugh was being vetted for a place on the same court. There is one glaring similarity that cannot be denied…read more.

Undercover Agents

Dr. Rosemary Hennessy, English

Since watching the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, I have thought a lot about undercover agents. Not actual spies, but forces that do policing without actual police. The agents I am thinking about also serve the interests of property and state power, and they work best when unnoticed. I started thinking about them as I pondered the question ‘what makes a hearing not a hearing?’ What hidden material might we have missed…read more.

Sound Off

Dr. Helena Michie,
Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

It goes without saying that the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing, like the Hill/Thomas hearing of which it was a terrifying echo, was not a hearing at all. At least not if “hearing” begins with listening. Jeff Flake did not hear Christine Blasey Ford, and neither, apparently, did Susan Collins. Here are some other people who did not hear her: Orin Hatch, who has a history of not hearing women at hearing; Donald Trump who is…read more.

A Jury of His Peers

Deborah Harter, Classical and European Studies

I was lucky to be raised in a family of eight that spent a good part of our time talking politics around our kitchen table. My parents were maverick progressives, never hesitating to fight for what they believed. And I was proud both to follow in their footsteps and to cherish a country for what it is at its best even…read more.